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We're a design studio based in Sydney, Australia.

We create for clients all over the globe, virtually and in person. We deliver engaging brands from small start-ups all the way through to international corporations. Our designers believe that strength lies in differences and we approach every project with a vision to accomplish something unique that will be remembered.

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AG Design Process

It's in the details

We never jump to conclusions about a business or brand. First we listen, we discover and we understand. Ambiguity can be a designer’s worse nightmare, it is vital we find out exactly how we can deliver each individual project. Then comes the idea. That something special, the excitement that draws people in. We work hard to produce concepts that provide solutions to the problems. We explore all the possibilities, knowing that some of the best ideas come from the most unlikely places.



Discovery is the foundation to any successful project. We delve into the mind set of your business. We have the ability to successfully connect seemingly unrelated questions, problems or ideas from different fields. Only when we’ve questioned everything, do we produce a brief.


This is where we get creative. We take on everything we have learned from the brief and use it to put pen to paper, mouse to pad or fingers to keys. We try every option, the obvious all the way through to the unexpected, we then create the ideas that we develop into solutions.


All feedback is good feedback. We encourage an open and honest dialogue directly with our team. Never offended, we are here to work for you. We want to hear it all – the good, the bad and the ugly. We’ll discuss all the design options and take every little detail on board.


We deliver the project to you on time and on budget, never an hour or dollar more. If your project is digital, our senior web developers will test, test and test again ensuring it works on all platforms before the project goes live. If your project is branding, we will supply you with the files in every format you will ever need.

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